Blackdime’s Hiddendays products are plastic-free.
The perfect sustainable period swap!




A new study shows a pack of conventional period pads contains the equivalent amount of plastic as five (5) carrier bags.

The study found shocking amounts of plastic in conventional pads across three (3) mainstream brands.

It turns out, on average*, there are 36g of plastic in every packet of period pads. That’s 2.4g of plastic per pad and 2.5g for the outer pack itself. That’s the equivalent of 5 plastic carrier bags per pack.

Previous studies showed that there was the same amount of plastic as four (4) carrier bags in the average pack of mainstream pads. This means that the amount of plastic period waste has increased in recent years under the radar!

why are plastic period products a problem?

It has been estimated that in her lifetime, the average woman will dispose of 11,000 menstrual products.

Just imagine if all of those items were plastic-filled pads – that’s a lot of waste sitting in landfills and a lot of plastic particles entering the soil and water!

Every year, some 2.4 billion pieces of sanitary waste end up in Malaysian landfills, taking anywhere from 500 to 800 years to decompose.


Hiddendays is plastic-free, made from 100% certified organic cotton, and they are 100% biodegradable too.

Plastic-free 100% certified organic cotton pads are a great solution for the skin, too. Because it is made from natural materials such as organic cotton, they’re breathable – which is paramount for something that is going to be held up against such an intimate area for hours at a time. We often hear from our customers that conventional plastic-filled pads irritate their vulvas and make them feel sweaty and unpleasant.


*The pads tested were two leading brands and one supermarket-owned brand. The calculations were made by tearing the pads apart and weighing the individual plastic components on very accurate scales. The average was the mean of the plastic content of all three brands.