Hiddendays is crafted with 100% certified organic cotton and super absorbent core. The Hiddendays pads keep you dry and comfortable during your period like it was any other day. Hiddendays; is designed with a unique anion chip at the top layer that balances the pH and cutting-edge technology to trap fluids and prevent overflowing.

You can use it for up to 6 hours maximum, obviously, depending upon the amount of bleeding. If you have heavy blood flow, you should change them every 5 hours or less. However, our organic pads have high absorbency, absorbing maximum fluid and preventing overflowing.

The fluid-holding capacity of both thin and thick pads is almost the same. HiddenDays have been designed with high-absorbent cotton layers and multi-layer lock gel technology to ensure worry-free menstruation.

Each Hiddendays pad is, embedded with an Anion chip. Anions are also known as “Vitamins of Air” as they exhibit antioxidant properties. Hiddendays upon getting in contact with moisture, the Anion chip will emit a negative ion. This is to help to prevent bacteria during menstruation, reduce feminine discomfort, and eliminates unwanted odors.

Hiddendays day and night pads have the same absorbency and chemical-free features. However, the only difference is that the night-use pads have a wider wing at the back, offering high coverage. It prevents leaking chances, keeping your bedsheets stain-free.